Management Philosophy

The Quality Project Management Organisation is based on:

  • Distributed Management and Technical Control Responsibilities (at the Consortium, Partners and Work Package levels.
  • Consortium Level Management Procedures, ensuring a unified
    management and reporting approach. A Project Development annex Quality
    Plan will be established as the master plan for all activities, with
    specification of standards and methodologies to be used for all planned
  • Proactive Management and continuous analysis of Project
    Achievements with respect to plans, aiming at anticipating any issue
    and immediately initiate corrective actions required for safeguarding
    the project objectives.
  • Maximum use of electronic mail and FTP/Internet/GroupWare capabilities for communications and exchange of project artefacts among the partners.

Management Procedures

Management procedures aim at ensuring that a controlled but pragmatic
approach is deployed at the Consortium level for the achievement of the
QUALITY scientific and dissemination objectives.
Consortium activities are regulated by the EC Contract with relevant annexes and by the QUALITY Consortium Agreement signed by all Partners.

Management Structure

The Project Co-ordination Committee (PCC) is formed by representatives
from all the participating organisations and chaired by the Project
Co-ordinator of the co-ordinating partner. The PCC is responsible for
the strategic management of the project and will co-ordinate the
activities of the work packages within the overall project objectives
and time scales. Specific tasks of the PCC are:

  • Strategic decision-making regarding the project plan
  • Re-allocation of effort between partners
  • Resolving problems within the project
  • Set project milestones
  • Approve deliverables and other project related documents, prior to publication
  • Monitor the progress of work within each work package
  • Identify difficulties and recommend corrective action if required
  • Provide a forum for discussion of project related activities for all project members.

Project Co-ordinator (PC)

Supported by her office and in close co-operation with the PCC and the
Work Package leaders, the Project Co-ordinator (PC), is responsible for
the overall management and control of project activities, the allocated
resources and of the timely delivery of Project Deliverables. She is
also responsible for the integrated and timely reporting of project
activities to the European Commission.
The PC strictly monitors the quality of external relationships and
dissemination of information. All public material produced by the
project, and all participation in public events requires previous
approval by the co-ordinator.