Project Quality website attracts more visitors

Project Quality website is attracting new visitors. Since September 2006 when the website was officially launched the number of distinct visitors has been steadily rising by about 10 percent each month. Visits to the website from Project Quality partner countries continue to increase but we are attracting major interest from the United States and other European Union countries.

A notable upswing in visits occurred after the publication of the combined National reports on socio-economic trends and welfare policies together with the national reports for each country in January 2007. Each report presents the major concerns and opportunities for the quality of life in the national context and makes an attempt to evaluate the impact of national policy regime – the combination of social rights and services delivered by the state, the market and the family – on the quality of work and the quality of life during the last ten years in each partner country.

The increase in number of visitors and in the number visitors downloading this report suggest that the reports contain information of interest to a broad spectrum of visitors – policy makers, researchers, students as well as other professionals. If you are interested in this or any other Project Quality publication we invite you to visit our publications page for downloading.