Project Objectives

Project QUALITY has eight objectives defined to operationalise the primary aims of the project.

  1. To elaborate theoretically, methodologically and empirically the concept
    of quality of life; to analyse quality of life for men and women in the
    eight partner countries based on existing internationally-comparative
    datasets, e.g. European Quality of Life Survey; The World Database of
  2. To gain insight into the quality of life of citizens in the partner
    countries within the context of their working situation, by setting up
    new quantitative research projects in all participating countries.
  3. To analyse the institutional context of each participating country,
    based on national expert meetings and relevant policy documents, by
    mapping out which current socio-economic trends are expected to have an
    impact on the quality of work of men and women and on their work-life
  4. To gain insight in what healthy and socially sustainable
    organisations are, by examining the perspectives of managers and other
    employees in one organisation in each country, and by exploring the
    links between perceptions of healthy organisations and employee well
    being and quality of life.
  5. To develop an instrument on the social quality of European
    workplaces by selecting the relevnt items for social quality based on
    the overall analyses of data on quality of life, as mentioned under objective 1 and objective 2.
  6. To gain insight into relevant future trends and their expected
    implications for the quality of life of male and female citizens in the
    eight partner countries, by developing scenario analyses that will be
    discussed in high-level expert groups in each of the participating
  7. To gain insight into the role of gender in relation to quality of
    life and work and the impact public and organisational policies have on
    this relation, by specifying the perspective of gender in each of the
    parts of the QUALITY project; all analyses will be broken down by
  8. Dissemination of the insights of the project. This final objective
    is related to all four aims and will be operationalised in all specific
    aims as descripted in the project objectives; a project website will be
    developed; the projected audiences include the European Union, national
    governments, policy-makers, employers, unions, the scientific community
    and the general public.