Acronym: QUALITY

QUALITY is an innovative, quantitative and qualitative research project
that aims to examine how, in an era of major change, European citizens
living in different national welfare state regimes evaluates the
quality of their lives. The project will analyse
international-comparative data on the social well-being of citizens and
collect new data on social quality in European workplaces in eight
strategically selected partner countries: UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany,
the Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary and a candidate country for EU
enlargement, Bulgaria.

QUALITY is a Specific Targeted Research or Innovations Project Funded
within the Sixth Framework Programme, Priority 7, Citizens and
Governance in a Knowledge-Based Society of the European Commission.

Duration: The project began in March 2006 and continues until 2009.


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Project Quality of Life in a Changing Europe completed

The final report for project Quality of Life in A Changing Europe has been submitted and the project is offically completed.

Quality announces the completion of Work Package 3: Analysis of the institutional context in partner countries

The national reports on socio-economic trends and welfare police in the partner countries and the Combined National Reports were completed in November 2006 and are available for downloading at Quality’s publications page. The work package’s final documentation; summaries of the comparative reports in partner languages is now available at Quality page: Research Project under work package description Work Package 3.

This work was coordinated by Prof. Siyka Kovacheva, New Europe Centre for Regional Studies, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Project Quality website attracts more visitors

Project Quality website is attracting new visitors. Since September 2006 when the website was officially launched the number of distinct visitors has been steadily rising by about 10 percent each month. Visits to the website from Project Quality partner countries continue to increase but we are attracting major interest from the United States and other European Union countries.