QUALITY will focus on four primary aims:

  1. To give insight from an internationally comparative perspective the
    quality of life and work of European citizens the way quality of life
    and work are interrelated and the impact public and organisational
    policies have on the well-being of European citizens.
  2. To analyse how and under which conditions European workplaces could
    be transformed into healthy organisations where work is organised in a
    socially as well as economically sustainable manner.
  3. To explore trends by consulting national high level groups
    (policy-makers, politicians, researchers, managers) and by
    sketching/constructing scenarios with respect to trends concerning the
    quality of life and work of European citizens.
  4. To analyse whether, to what extent and how gender matters in the
    relationship between well-being and public and organisational policies.

The project will contribute to policy-making and policy implementation by
contributing new knowledge about the range of criteria that indicate
the level of well-being of citizens in European welfare states and
workplaces; by elaborating the concept of healthy organisations with
specific focus on the quality of work and the work-life balance; by
mainstreaming the gender perspective and by disseminating project
results to relevant national and European stakeholders.